Hostels and hotels house 13 homeless students

Teksti: Pasi Huttunen TRANSLATION: Juho Suomalainen
Kuva: Juho Mutanen

There are currently 13 students staying at hostels and hotels due to the housing shortage. Jarno Pitko, who manages the housing situation, has received 43 inquiries and 28 reservations for emergency accommodation. These figures do not take into account students of Karelia University of Applied Sciences, but the Scouts’ Youth Hostel has managed to accommodate the homeless UAS students.
‘There have been fewer inquiries than last year, and this time last year both Scouts’ Youth Hostel and Greenstar were full, whereas now both have plenty of rooms available,’ said Pitko.
According to Pitko at least 25 students have found couches and rooms to rent on the Student Union forums. Joensuu’s student housing company Elli is offering exchange students unfurnished flats, which puts them in a difficult position as exchange students are not necessarily looking to buy furniture during their short stay.

All of Elli’s flats were taken by early August, and now students are offered Joensuun Kodit real-estate company’s unfurnished flats.
‘Seems like every year exchange students need to be accommodated in flats provided by Joensuun Kodit, so I think Elli should be prepared to at least offer beds for the exchange students arriving in Joensuu,’ Pitko said.

ISYY is looking for temporary accommodation for homeless students. You can let people know of available accommodation on ISYY’s website, by sending email to housing[at] or by contacting Jarno Pitko.